Postural Analysis – The Sole Clinic

Postural Analysis

Back and neck discomfort can result from working on the computer for long hours. Similarly, pain can also develop due to prolonged work that require standing and other sustained postures.

Postural analysis involves the identification of biomechanical abnormalities and compensatory movements that contribute to musculoskeletal injuries. This is done via a process of evaluating a person’s positioning of his/her body and limbs to determine observable physical misalignments.

Our physiotherapists will then explain the relationship between various parts of the body, their anatomical arrangement and how well they do or do not fit together. This will be followed by a postural correction programme which includes personalised exercises towards maintaining the alignment of the spine, improving muscular endurance of postural muscles and increasing flexibility of tight muscle groups.

Depending on the symptoms, a core stability strengthening programme can also be advocated after postural analysis. This will target core and pelvic floor muscles strengthening so as to improve overall posture and fitness.