Post-surgical Exercise Rehabilitation – The Sole Clinic

Post-surgical Exercise Rehabilitation

Post-surgical exercise rehabilitation involves personalised exercise prescription after a surgery to assist the recovery and restoration of body functions. It plays an extremely important role in helping patients to get the most benefits out their surgery.

Depending on the kind of surgery performed, our physiotherapists will analyse the patient’s body type, physical fitness and tissue conditions before developing a uniquely tailored training programme.

This type of exercise therapy typically focuses on:

  • Muscle activation, facilitation at the incision area
  • Weakened muscles due to nerve problems pre and post-surgery
  • Core and hip muscles that provide overall stability to other joints

Individualised physiotherapy also helps with areas where the patient’s mobility and flexibility have been limited by surgery. Our physiotherapists are well-trained to select safe movements that can help these affected joints and muscles regain mobility in the safest and fastest possible way. We also work closely with surgeons across Singapore towards developing individualised exercise guidelines that optimise recovery.