Manual Therapy – The Sole Clinic
Manual Therapy – The Sole Clinic

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a highly specialised evidence-based treatment technique that is only delivered by the hands of a skilled therapist. It is especially helpful in the treatment of stiff joints – a common problem that results in the lack of adequate mobility and range of motion. Joint stiffness typically develops from degeneration or injury which causes normal movement to feel restricted and uneasy. This limitation may then cause discomfort, pain and alteration in day-to-day function and posture.

At The Sole Clinic, our therapists are trained at postgraduate levels in manual therapy, ensuring precision and effectiveness while administering treatment. Manual physiotherapy involves restoring mobility to stiff joints and reducing muscle tension, so that the individual can return to natural movement without pain. Such treatment provides back pain relief for individuals with chronic back pain involving joint problems, as well as those with acute back pain from muscle strain or a sprained ligament.

Manual therapy often involves the following techniques:

  • Soft tissue mobilisation, including massage, which applies direct pressure to soft tissues in the body (such as the muscles). This pressure can help to relax the muscles, improve circulation, stretch scar tissue and reduce pain.
  • Manipulation, which uses measured manoeuvres of high speed, gentle force and low amplitude to position bones and joints into position. This can help loosen tight tissues around a joint, reduce pain in a joint and improve flexibility and alignment.