What To Expect For Your First Sports Podiatry Consultation!

Sport injuries in the lower legs and feet are very common. A consultation with a Podiatrist can be useful in finding out if there are any abnormalities in the lower legs and feet that may be contributing to the cause of your injury. Here are some tips to prepare yourself for a fruitful appointment with your Podiatrist.

Expect to spend 45 to 60 minutes for the first session with your Podiatrist. Your Podiatrist will first take a thorough history of any existing medical conditions and an overview of your sporting activities. This is to gain an understanding of your injury and circumstances that could have led to your condition. Providing details on your daily activities, sporting regime and footwear choices are important, and will be useful for your Podiatrist to structure a treatment plan that suits you well.

Here are some useful things to bring on your first visit to the Podiatrist that will aid in assessing and treating your feet and lower legs:

  • Referral letter if referred by a Doctor
  • Previous imaging or medical reports if any
  • Previous or current insoles
  • Footwear that you often use for work/gym/casual
  • Sportswear (t-shirt and shorts)
  • Sport shoes

Static and dynamic lower limb assessments that are conducted to ascertain the factors causing your pain may include the following:

  • Evaluation of joints range of motion and muscle strength


  • Leg length measurement

Image result for leg length discrepancy

  • Standing foot posture assessment

Image result for foot posture index

  • Video gait analysis (An assessment of you walking or running)IMG_8738
  • Footwear assessment

Image result for sport shoes

From the findings, your Podiatrist would be able to provide a structured treatment plan for you. Treatment will vary from person to person depending on the foot condition and may include the application of sports tape, using insoles, footwear advice, and stretching or strengthening exercises. Further specialist care may also be recommended if necessary.


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