Growing Pains Can Be Treated


Q: ‘What are children growing pains, and is there any way we can help other than wait it out?’

A: Growing pains are real but essentially harmless muscular pain that can affect children between the age of 3 to 11. Boys and girls are both equally affected. The symptoms of growing pains include:

  • Muscular aches and pains felt in the legs – typically in the calves, behind the knees and in the front of the thighs.
  • The onset of pain is usually around late afternoons or evenings.
  • The pain is worse during the night, particularly when the child is going to sleep.
  • The pain may be severe enough to wake the child from sleep.
  • The pain is gone by the morning.
  • The pain doesn’t cause a limp or make it hard to run and play normally.


A lot of information online tells that growing pains are just because of increased activities or that their ‘bones’ are growing. 

Many parents tend to dismiss complaints from the child, thinking that they will grow out of it. However, many children report that this pain can affect their moods, energy levels and interest in physical activities.

There are children who have done similar volume of physical activities but do not experience pain at all. Therefore the amount of physical activities does not correlate to the occurrence of growing pains. 

Throughout years of experience in treating children’s feet, we do notice children who exhibited growing pains are mainly those with poor muscle balance and control, tight muscles and/or flat feet.  These problems can be resolved with exercises, footwear advice and sometimes, foot orthoses. In fact, there is always a reduction of growing pains after podiatry intervention with insoles, exercises and gait retraining. Parents are happy with the change the children experience.

In conclusion, your child may not be whiny or seeking attention but their pain is real and we can definitely help!



The Sole Podiatry Team