7 Reasons why you should visit The Sole Clinic for Sports Podiatry Services


First of all, what is Sports Podiatry?


Sports Podiatry does not only involve professional sportsmen! In general, Sports Podiatry is the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle and lower limb disorders for all levels of sporting activity and exercises, ranging from daily walking exercise, running, various forms of dancing to competitive sports.  

Care is taken to identify the injured structure, assess the damaging forces acting upon it and the objective of Sports Podiatry treatment is to reduce these forces and restore the injured structure to a pain-free level.

Sports Podiatry assessment will always involve a thorough biomechanical assessment, footwear advice and/or the provision of functional foot orthoses.


1. We do not over-prescribe Foot Orthoses (a.k.a Insoles)



Many lower limb injuries result from issues coming from upper thigh, hip or back. There is strong evidence-based research that suggests that wearing foot orthoses may not help such injuries to a large extent. Rest assure that if insoles cannot resolve your injury, we will not prescribe it.  We understand Foot Orthoses are expensive devices and it is our underlying principle to prescribe them only when absolutely necessary- and we are very proud of it!



2. We have a range of insoles options!


On a tight budget? Flying off the next day? Do not worry!




We have a wide range of insoles options available in our clinic. Customised insoles provide the best fit and they can correct the feet functionally. But we do have pre-fabricated foot orthoses that can also provide adequate functional correction for certain conditions. These are ready to fit on the same day of consultation. Pre-fabricated insoles are generally more economical and are suitable for about 40-50% of the population. They can last for about 1 to 2 years depending on use. We tend to recommend this option for young children as they tend to grow out of the insoles within 2 years and customised insoles may not be the most cost effective.


There are also semi-customised foot orthoses available, which is manufactured from the same durable materials as customised insoles. It is less costly than a pair of fully customised insoles as instead of doing a full 3D scan of your feet, we base the insoles prescription by matching your feet structure to a set of measurement templates. Semi-customised and customised insoles require about 10 working days to be ready and they can usually last for 5 to 8 years. We can request the insoles laboratory to hasten the manufacture and delivery to within a week if urgently required.

Therefore, depending on your budget and requirements, we can provide different options to best suit your needs! 



3. No Rush During Appointments!




Our first consultation is a full 45-60 minutes session where the podiatrist identifies the injured structures, sees the way you walk/run, and decide if any of the current movement patterns are contributing to increased stress or load on the injured region. In The Sole Clinic, this always involves a Video Gait Analysis, where there is a live video of your walking to allow better understanding of how you move. There will also be a detailed analysis of your footwear, posture, and joint positions to better understand the injury mechanism.




4. Quality Communication


Our clinicians spend considerable time to explain and reiterate to our patients the full assessment and treatment details of their condition. We often use an array of point-form notes, pictures and mind maps to help each patient understand. We strongly believe patients must thoroughly understand their own condition to achieve better healing outcomes.  At the end of the first visit, every patient gets a printed hard copy clinical summary with clearly illustrated exercises diagrams if required. Our clinicians are easily contactable via phone, Whatsapp or Email should there be any queries or feedback after the visit. No patient leaves our clinic confused! 



5. Multidisciplinary Setting




Our clinics are scheduled such that a there will always be a Podiatrist and Physiotherapist around. When foot orthoses or Podiatry input are not the only solutions for patients, our Masters-trained physiotherapists are readily available to provide prompt and appropriate help. We often see patients as a team and many renowned Orthopaedic Surgeons have referred their patients to The Sole Clinic for in-depth Physiotherapy and Podiatry joint consultations. It is so much more convenient when the Physiotherapists and Podiatrists are all under one roof! 


6. Experienced Clinicians


ALL of our podiatrists have at least 7 years or more of experience working as senior podiatrists in hospital settings previously. Our friendly podiatrists are highly professional and ethical in the handling of patients. We believe in patient-centric care and will adhere to the highest of clinical standards while treating your foot conditions.

Find out more about our Podiatrists here!



7. Treatment that is tailored to your needs


Many patients have a misconception that the end result of seeing a podiatrist means having to wear ‘granny’ shoes or sports shoes forever. We have an array of different treatments options like Strength & Conditioning Programs by Physiotherapists, Slim Fit Insoles, Rock Tape, Yamuna Foot Fitness, and Straps Australia, that can reduce the need for long-term use of insoles. We cater our treatment to your short-term treatment goals and long-term lifestyle needs. We believe most patients do not have to wear bulky shoes and inserts in the long term with other forms of treatment. Rest assure that most probably you can still keep your stylish shoes!



If in doubt, speak to us! Whatsapp us at 81251717 or call us at 67360519 for any queries!