6 Interesting Things About Our New Principal Podiatrist Kelvin Tay

Flat Feet 1Flat Feet 2


1. He has Flat Feet

The reason why Kelvin became a Podiatrist was because he was a Podiatry patient himself. Actively running in the Cross Country team in his college days, a series of injuries led to Kelvin being devastated of not being able to participate in the National Championships that year.

It was upon consulting a Podiatrist that he realized he has adult acquired flat foot and required customized insoles. With the help of the Podiatrist, Kelvin was able to continue pursuing his passion for running and was subsequently competing in the Army Half Marathon for the Guards Formation during his National Service. Inspired by the professionalism and care of his Podiatrist, Kelvin went on to apply for the MOH Health Science Scholarship to study Podiatry.



2. Yoga


Due to his feet structure, Kelvin was prone to repeated ankle sprains whilst playing contact sports. His fitness instructor pointed out that he had poor posture and weak balance, and recommended Kelvin to attend yoga classes. After attending a series of classes, Kelvin fell in love with yoga as he is amazed by how yoga connects his mind, body and soul; not to mention improve postural stability and muscle tone. He has not had an ankle sprain since he started yoga 3 years ago, *touch wood!*


3. Netball



It may be surprising, but Kelvin can play netball, quite well in fact! Although it is a ladies’ sport, Kelvin has had exposure to playing netball at a young age as his mom is a netball coach. He has continued to play and excel in the sport and has taken part in mixed-teams netball tournaments through University and at corporate events. He even won a gold medal in the Inter Department Netball Tournament with the Podiatry team at SGH!


4. Football Crazy



Kelvin is as crazy a football fanatic as anyone. He is an ardent Manchester United fan and has rarely missed watching his favourite team play. He has even been to Old Trafford in Manchester to watch live matches on 3 occasions. He has also been consistently playing football every weekend with his bunch of equally football-crazy friends for more than 13 years.


5. Adventurous Traveler


Kelvin loves to travel! He has already been to Scandinavia and Maldives this year.

Growing up in the sunshine of perpetual summer Singapore, Kelvin has always had trepidations about exploring cold places. Motivated by his girlfriend and the enthusiasm of catching the Northern Lights, he braved the cold and fortunately had a couple of wonderful nights gazing at the beautiful night sky and Aurora Borealis in Norway.

Undeterred by his poor swimming ability, Kelvin had his first snorkeling and diving experience in Maldives recently, and he thoroughly enjoyed his experience. And he found dory!


6. Mild IT Geek



Despite not having any formal training, Kelvin has always had an interest in IT. Aside from spending long hours playing games on the computer, he has fundamental knowledge in website design, photo and video editing. He has been instrumental in revamping and maintaining the Podiatry Association (Singapore) website.