5 interesting things about Lynn

1. Foodie


Lynn’s love for food started during her years in Melbourne. As Melbourne is multicultural, Lynn got exposed to a wide variety of cuisine. Her favourite is to have Korean BBQ during a cold winter’s night or a good Greek lamb souvlaki after a big night out. One of Lynn’s favourite past time now is to scour the Instagram pages of local food bloggers for the latest restaurants to try.



2. Likes children


Lynn has always found children a delight and enjoys playing with them. You can always see the joy on her face when there is a baby in the room. As of a year ago, Lynn is a proud aunt of her baby nephew that she absolutely adores.



3. Close relationship with family


Having moved away from home 10 years ago, Lynn has developed a closer relationship with her family back in KL. Lynn makes it a point to return to KL at least once a month over the weekend to spend quality time with her family and to fulfil her craving for mum’s home cooked food.



4. Addicted to Korean dramas


Lynn’s Korean drama craze started in 2003 when the drama Dae Jang Geum otherwise known as Jewel in The Palace became popular. Lynn has fond memories of bonding with her mum as they stayed up in the wee hours of the morning watching episode after episode. Now with a busy lifestyle, Lynn takes the opportunity to watch the latest shows on her phone while travelling on public transport. Lynn’s current favourite Korean drama is Goblin.



5. Fitness


Staying in shape is difficult for a food lover! However, Lynn will always try to find time for yoga. She enjoys yoga as she feels that it helps with her flexibility and core strengthening/ At the same time, yoga clears her mind after a busy day. Besides yoga, Lynn also enjoys high-intensity interval training for a good cardio workout at home.