5 interesting things about Jaylene

  1. Never a day without TEA


There is never a day you will catch Jaylene without her thermos flask of tea in clinic. Tea is like her daily H2O. She fell in love with tea while studying in Australia. Whenever she travels to Australia she will buy back ONE whole year’s supply of T2 teas. Her all time favorite is French Earl Grey from T2.


  1. Horrible Ankle Proprioception

Jaylene has numerous ankle sprains when she was young due to her being active in sports. She torn both her anterior talofibular ligaments in both ankles as well overstretch her right calcaneofibular ligament. Thus was Jaylene was a patient of a physiotherapist. With physiotherapy management, she was able to keep ankle ligament reconstruction surgery at bay. Through her rehabilitation journey, Jaylene got to observe how a physiotherapist work. Inspired by what she has seen, she later enrolled into the physiotherapy program and started her journey of becoming a Sports Physiotherapist.


  1. In love with furry animals


Jaylene used to have a huge phobia with dogs when she was young after being chased by a pack of 3 German shepherds while cycling around her neighborhood. While studying in Australia, she got to experience how cute and friendly dogs were. Since then she started developing a soft spot for flurry animals. You will find her treading on Instagram and Facebook looking for furry animals photos.


  1. Loves adventure and travelling.


Jaylene picked up the travel bug from her godfather when she was young. She has trekked up the mountains in Nepal, parasailing and helmet diving in Boracay, skiing in Korea, sand boarding in Australia, went up a hot air balloon in Cappadocia Turkey and many more! The latest was horse riding and ATV driving on the grassland in Inner Mongolia.


  1. Food Food Food


Jaylene is in love with food and is also adventurous with her food. She is always game on trying new creation. What Jaylene enjoys most is good food with good company. Thus, it is almost impossible for her to go on a diet!