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The Sole Clinic is a unique podiatry and physiotherapy clinic that provides solutions for musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries, foot pain and foot related conditions. All podiatry and physiotherapy services are provided at our clinics conveniently located at Tanglin Road, Upper Bukit Timah, Kovan and Jurong.

The Sole Clinic strives to be the clinic of choice for both patients and therapists. We believe in empowering patients to have the best quality of life by delivering Service-oriented, Outstanding, Leading and Ethical services

What our clients say


My Physiotherapist, Hong Kai, is very knowledgeable, friendly and always ready to help! The receptionist in The Sole Clinic (Valencia and Heng Ching) are always smiling and cheerful during my visit.

Noorzana Sadon

ICT Executive


The Podiatrist Lynn is extremely attentive and meticulous. She spent effort to observe my child in-toeing issues and provide clear diagnosis. My daughter, Vera, seems afraid in the beginning but Lynn is very good with kids and she began to be comfortable with her. Overall, good experience and will definitely give review again when my kid’s in-toeing issue have solved.

Tan Chew Ling (Vera's Mum)

Marketing Manager


For an active person, sustaining severe shoulder injuries from an accident was a debilitating experience. After months of convalescence to allow my bones to heal, my muscle mass deteriorated significantly and each movement caused my pain. The Sole Clinic was recommended by my Orthopaedic surgeon and the 1st visit was tough mentally for me. Jeremy was my assigned Physiotherapist and he worked on diagnosing the problems immediately despite me losing the doctor’s referral which includes written notes for the Physiotherapist. While he supported the joint and muscle, that same day, I started to feel my shoulder moving after months of immobility. By my next visit 3 days later, my range of motion improved by 10% after 2.5 months of immobility, with just a few simple exercises that he asked me to do. He provided me with the options to adapt using some other alternative ‘tools’ around me (e.g. door knob, the wall etc). Well done!

Selina Boey


Since my year-end trip overseas last year, I had been suffering from severe feet pain in the mornings which would take awhile before they dissipate. This was why I decided to turn to The Sole Clinic at Bukit Timah in hope of a solution. My Podiatrist, Radiance, has made my sessions in the clinic very pleasant. She is cheerful and patient, and is willing to listen to find out more about the pain in my heel and ankle. Her ‘homework’ for me on stretching exercises and massages (E.g. calf release) has really helped to alleviate my soreness in the morning. Also, she tries her best to adjust the orthotics to ensure the best fit for my foot condition and is willing to work with her patients to experiment with a few alternative solutions. More importantly, Radiance treats her patients with utmost care and respect. She goes beyond the call of duty to make sure her patients are served to the best of her ability!

Deborah Ang



Genevieve is a pleasant Physiotherapist that I enjoy working with. She takes time to ask about my daily activities outside of our Physiotherapy sessions. She often gives me suggestions on what I can do to recover faster. This really shows that she is really focused on helping me recover as soon as possible. 

Chua Han Wei


Initially I feared for my three year old son who had to go through a treatment to clean an infected toe which can be really painful. But the Podiatrist, Radiance, and the admin staffs are friendly and professional throughout the whole process. My toddler son did not even cry! It was a great experience! Cheers to The Sole Clinic team!

David Toh (Father of Bryan)

Civil Servant


Lynn was very patient in explaining the conditions of my foot as well as teaching me the exercises that I had to do daily. She was also very friendly and approachable. Overall, the service rendered by her was very satisfactory and pleasant. Good job! 🙂

Chua Li Ying

Application Technologist


After my surgery, I came in to see Jeremy for Physiotherapy with a sensitive leg which was too painful to touch. I had been on painkillers for months and it was a concerned for my family and they suggested for me to get injections to ease the pain. After seeing Jeremy, he worked together with me to help me get to the root of the problem. He provided professional physiotherapy treatment, was prompt with his follow up and showed great care!

Furthermore, the receptionist Anisa and Mae made me feel comfortable coming in for Physiotherapy sessions. Their cheerfulness and happiness are contagious! They are great assets to the clinic!

Thank you Jeremy, Anisa and Mae!

Monica Mellisa Arifin



We brought our daughter, Chanelle, to The Sole Clinic to treat a cut under her big toe. After treating the cut, our Podiatrist Radiance and Fiona made an extra effort to check the root of the problem by tweaking her insoles. Their professionalism impressed us! Chanelle recovered well and we are very happy to have found a team of good Podiatrists!

Alex Loh (Father of Chanelle)

Sales Manager


I’ve seen Radiance for Podiatry in The Sole Clinic. Throughout my treatment, she has been really friendly and helpful. She is knowledgeable in what she is doing and she was able to explain my condition clearly to me. She even worked out a timeline with me to help me recover fully!

Lee Wai Loon



I have been seeing Jeremy for Physiotherapy. Throughout my treatment, he has been very prompt and precise in giving advice on my physiotherapy needs. Moreover, he has a pleasant personality and a great smile. It makes my Physiotherapy sessions more pleasant and helpful!

Sylvia Lim Wei Ling



Genevieve understands the issues that I face and is always spot on with her diagnosis, which allows her to have a way of relieving the pain that has always been bothering me. Genevieve is very professional yet at the same time, very personal with her interactions, which makes me feel welcomed. I’ve been to many clinics for Physiotherapy treatment and The Sole Clinic is the best one I’ve ever been to. I highly recommend Genevieve to anyone who is in need of Physiotherapy treatment!

Zeng Xiu Qing



I’ve been struggling with my knee injury for 2 years now and it has greatly affected my active lifestyle. Initially the doctor advised me to have an operation, but after some considerations, I decided to try physiotherapy first. I am really thankful towards Angela for helping me overcome my knee injury. Instead of being scared of the sessions, Angela’s friendly demeanor made me enjoy it! She has been very supportive. Right now, I’m back playing badminton without any knee supports! I’m also excited for my upcoming trek in Nepal.
Thank you Angela, I will surely miss our sessions!

Myschel Revestir Antonio



Podiatrist Kelvin has provided incredibly kind service. He is very professional and I am sure his hard work will help me return to football even stronger than before!

Joseph Taylor-Mountford

Professional Footballer


When I saw Jaylene for the first time after my operation, I was very depressed. I wondered if I will ever be able to walk again. However, Jaylene was very encouraging, she assured me that I will definitely be able to walk again as long as I follow her suggestions. She was very caring, attentive, patient and cheerful! On one occasion, she even helped me to the restroom when I was in my wheelchair. Jaylene motivates me greatly during each session and I am improving by leaps and bounds! After 8 sessions of physiotherapy, I no longer need a wheelchair nor clutches! Thank you Jaylene for your help and encouragement!

Priscilla Ng


Genevieve took exceptional care in treating my foot injury. Her explanation of my injury was very clear and I am extremely satisfied with the treatment provided.

Deepa Kandasamy



Mr. Lian Guojie communicated everything about my condition very clearly with me. Every session resulted in me feeling more positive about my rehabilitation. And I now feel confident  that my surgery has been a success. Many thanks Guojie!

Aaron Bird



Angela‘s constant encouragements during my physiotherapy sessions motivated me a lot. It also assured me that I’m well taken care of and on the road to recovery. Her lively personality also makes her a friend out of sessions! Her attentiveness and her dedication to her profession is commendable. I would highly recommend her to anyone without hesitation! 🙂

Tiffany Ang


After I’ve injured my ankle, I had a lot of difficulty walking and going up and down the stairs. I even had to rely on crutches! Thanks to Angela Lim, after a couple sessions, I am able to return back to my normal activity level. She made the session fun, but at the same time challenging. Which was why within a short period of time, my legs are stronger than before!

Chua Zhi Ping

Financial Consultant


Wesley goes all out to make sure I am comfortable and is prompt in taking care of any problems I have. He is very friendly and I would definitely come back if I ever have any needs for a physiotherapist!

Kean Lim


Fiona has been really great helping me with my bunion pain. She recommended me to make customised foot orthoses. After wearing the insoles, my pain was gone! Seeing the benefits that the insoles have on my feet, I decided to make an additional 3 pairs for my other different kinds of shoes. In order for me to fit the insoles into different types of footwear, Fiona modified each insoles precisely so that it fits perfectly into my shoes. 

Corine Koh


I appreciate the effective care and services being provided in The Sole Clinic. With advice and guidance on several exercises to be done, Wesley helped me regain my mobility within a couple of short sessions. Impressive results! Thank you Wesley!

Koh Yak Boo



Guojie is very patient and he is always willing to go the extra mile for his patients. His determination to do his best to help his patient get back is very strong. It definitely pushes me and boost my confidence. When I am having my sessions with Guojie, if my family raises any enquiries, he is willing to answer all of them too. 
Guojie and Fiona are really amazing. I can really say they helped and changed my life. Would not be here without them. Thank you The Sole Clinic!

Zoey Suan Si Jia



Genevieve is knowledgeable in what she does and has helped relieve the pain in my shoulder tremendously. I would recommend her to my friends without hesitation. The passion in what she does is displayed in her therapy.

Kevin Chung


When all the doubts arise about me returning to my sport, Fiona is the only podiatrist who still keeps trusting and giving her all to help me get back again. You did more than what your job required and indeed helped me so much. Decreasing the pain I used to have and allowing me to believe I will be fine. No doubt that you are the BEST podiatrist, Fiona. We are blessed to have you as my podiatrist in Singapore. Thank you so much!


Sports Enthusiast


Wesley is very patient and attentive. He provides clear explanation of the specifics of my ankle injury. My ankle hasn’t recovered for nearly a month after I sprained it, however after seeing Wesley, he helped me make a full recovery in less than 6 weeks since I’ve seen him! It probably would have been even faster if I had listened to the guidance and advice more diligently. Wesley gave me clear and customized guidance on what I needed to do to recover in the quickest possible time. The results speak for itself!

Yeo Wei Jie

Finance Manager


I just want to take this opportunity to thank Fiona for isolating the issue I’ve been facing for almost 2 years – who knew my lower back pain was linked to my severe flat-footedness. Also, Guojie has done a great job in prescribing me a set of physiotherapy exercises to work on after each session. They have helped to reduce/eliminate the pain I’ve been suffering in my back and knee.

Melvin Tan


A big thank you to The Sole Clinic team for helping me to regain the mobility of my left elbow. I was referred to The Sole Clinic by my doctor after I underwent open reduction and reconstruction of annular ligament and LUCL. During my 4 months of rehabilitation, I got the chance to be assessed and monitored by Vanessa, Genevieve and Wesley. All of them are very caring, friendly and attentive, which makes my rehabilitation period a fun and relaxing one. Together with their professional service and passionate attitude, they gave me the ability and confidence to be back doing sports again.

Keep up the good work and I am confident that The Sole Clinic can provide the best physiotherapy services in Singapore!

Poon Wenwei



Genevieve has great knowledge in what she is doing as she is able to share her knowledge which made me understand my problem better. She is very attentive, caring and very professional. Most importantly, she is able to solve the issues with regards to my leg! Keep up the good work!

Edwin Chua


I have found The Sole Clinic to be responsible and responsive to my many sports injuries. I have been going to the clinic for some time now and they have always had a high standard of service. In particular, they take the care to get to know me and my sporting lifestyle in order to cater a programme of therapy that is appropriate for what I want to do in my sports activities. I highly recommend clinicians of The Sole Clinic as expert therapists.

Wong Peck Lin

Business Owner


As a stay home mum with a 6-month old baby, it can be a challenge to do errands. When I booked an appointment for my mum to see Guojie, Regula (receptionist) was more than happy to look after my son while I accompanied my mum through her consultation.

The Sole Clinic is a gem tucked in a corner of Tanglin Shopping Centre. They prove that irregardless of size and location, a clinic only needs capable, efficient and high quality staff to meet your physiotherapy, podiatry and wellness needs. Thank you!

Eunice Marie Song



Genevieve has been fantastic in helping me with my rehab after my surgery last year. I do not know what I would do without her!

Tony Yeo



Wesley, I can’t thank you enough for helping my poor knees and ITB achieve the ultimate endurance that is an 18-day trek to Mt Everest Base Camp. Without your help I’d still be in Lukla at the airport. You are an amazing Physio. Thank you!

Jennifer Hutchinson

Fitness Instructor


Wesley has been friendly and professional as a physiotherapist during the 7 months of rehabilitation with him for my torn anterior cruciate ligament. He is attentive and would advise on proper form and different kinds of exercises to target specific muscle groups. I had a good time regaining functionality and strength of my left leg and I would recommend him for anyone seeking physiotherapy services! 

Lim Kuan Yiou


After my surgery to repair my shoulder tear, I had a hard time due to the pain and reduced range of motion. That was when I went to The Sole Clinic for help. Under the professional and expert care of their physiotherapist, I was able to regain close to 100% of my range of motion and strength! Now I have no problems going about my daily activities. Thanks Guojie, my trusted physiotherapist in Singapore!

John Huang

Technical Planner


I really like the attention and service given when staff go the extra mile, which always happens at The Sole Clinic!

It is rare to see very extraordinary service given by clinics nowadays. More clinics are becoming more profit-oriented and often forget to pay attention to patients, which is not beneficial for them in the long-term.

Hence, it is very delightful to see The Sole Clinic still focusing on customers’ and patients’ health, and putting short-term monetary benefits aside.

Edwin Sugiaurto


I’ve seen physios and chiropractors previously but nobody would nail the problem. I was almost certain that I had to live with this condition for the rest of my life.

At the Sole Clinic, within two sessions, I found out that my plantar fasciitis was caused by the way I walked! My shorter left leg compensated by working my calves harder and all these led to my back aches and plantar fasciitis issues. Once we identified these issues, I was able to get a modified off-the-shelf insoles instantly before the session ended, which aided my walk.

The physiotherapist also taught me some stretching exercises to do at the comfort of my own home to compliment my therapy sessions.

Many times, we often seek help too late as we may think that physiotherapy is only needed for patients with injuries or going through rehab. I’ve had these problems for the past 3 years and I’m thankful that now we finally found the cause of the issue.

Daryl Dee Teo

Founder of Bless Inc. Asia. Photo Credit: BNI Prestige (Singapore)


Thank you Lian Guojie. Excellent service in providing specialised physiotherapy care and ensures self maintenance is easy and memorable. The Sole Clinic also has strong colleague relationships to obtain second opinions that gives you confidence in the outcome.

Man Ka Kit



Guojie is patient and willing to attend to all his patient’s enquiries and doubts. He is very professional. With his guidance, my condition is constantly improving and getting better!

Suan Kok Leong


I never thought that my feet were really that big of a deal. After over a year of pain, I went to an orthopaedic doctor for help. After explaining my surgical option to me and giving me pain killers, he referred me to The Sole Clinic. Fiona took the time to explain my issue to me and get me the right treatment. She is so nice and caring. I enjoy going into her clinic because it is such a welcoming and friendly place.

In the beginning my feet hurt so much I regretted even walking to their clinic. But now, after 3 weeks, with my custom made orthotics, I am back to my normal workout routine and my feet aren’t holding me back anymore!

Nina Delucchi


The Sole Clinic provided great and convenient service for me and my son whereby I am able to whatsapp the clinic’s receptionist or the podiatrist about my queries, be it the purchase of an additional pair of insole or enquire about whether my son is able to wear flippers to swim etc. They attended to me well and responded fast to my reply. Thank you so much Fiona for helping my son, Jayden! 

Melissa (Mother of Jayden Wong)

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